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European Court of Justice Ruling Against Spanish Bank Floor Clause

European Court of Justice Ruling Against Spanish Bank Floor Clause


The European Courts have now ruled the Clasula Suelo of Floor Clause illegal and anyone who has this clause in their deeds “Escritura de Hipoteca” can now claim back since the date the mortgage or loan/s were taken out with them.

Are you looking for a Spanish Bank Refund? Has your Spanish Bank offered you a refund if you waive your rights to claim previous overpayments? DO NOT ACCEPT THIS CONDITION as they can then legally keep all your overpayments. If you need to make a Spanish bank floor clause claim then you will need a solicitor to deal with the paperwork I.E. Check over your Escritura de Hipotica for the Floor Clause called Clausula Suelo in Spanish, as this is the only way you can be sure you have the clause in your deeds. We at Spanish Bank Refunds, Clasula Suelo Refunds can help you reclaim any monies owed to you to get your Spanish Bank Refund in as quick a time scale as possible.

Claim back your Spanish Bank Refund today! Our team of qualified Spanish Solicitors are waiting to process your claims We will need the form on our website completed to begin the process in a timely manner with as much information as possible. We offer a no win no fee service, so you have nothing to lose and perhaps a lot to gain back. Once we have received the completed form we will contact you via telephone to discuss your claim and how we will proceed.

Please note that we will require a copy of your deeds “Escritura de Hipotica” as this is the paperwork which the clause may be hidden in. This is very important as we do require them so please either make photo copies to send to us, or send in a PDF file or if you have misplaced them you will need to get a copy from your Notario where you signed the Mortgage loan.

~ Good luck with your claim. SBR

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