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Other Terminology Banks Use To Hide The Clausula Suelo “Floor Clause”

“TO CALL A SPADE A SPADE” “is to describe something clearly and directly”

Rather than using oblique and obfuscating language, just “TELL IT LIKE IT IS”. well thats what we all would like eh!!!!

Go to your bank get a good deal… walk away smiling over the moon that you have secured a good rate for your now place in the sun…

Then 1 year down the line the interest payments jump up to 30% more and you are struggling to make ends meet… this increase added to to Euro falling to 1 to 1 has bloody crippled people often leading to them losing their homes and in some very sad cases suicide.

Well this article is about how to find out if you have the Clausula Suelo hidden in your mortgage agreement or in Spanish the Escritura de Hipoteca not the Compra De Venta

When looking for your Clausula Suelo in your Escritura de Hipoteca it could be well called one of the following but means EXACTLY THE SAME

And the bank use a very specific terminology to refer to the floor clauses in contracts. They are usually included in the sections of “loan interest rates” and under expressions like “limit variability of interest”, “slightest interest” or “limits the application of variable interest rates. More recently, they have referred to the land as “mortgage tunnel” clause.

So when looking through your Escritura de Hipoteca which is written in Spanish you have to look for these terms below

1. cláusulas suelo en los contratos.
2. tasas de interés de préstamo ” y bajo expresiones como
3. la variabilidad del límite de interés”
4. menor interés ” o ” limita la aplicación de tasas de interés variable
5.  cláusula de “túnel de la hipoteca





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