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Things you will need when making a claim

Essential Things you will need when making a claim

what you'll need



Before you fill out our claim refund form then here’s a few things you will need when making a claim.

This will save you A LOT of time in getting your money back and speed up the process immensely. 

You should get the following prepared:

1. You will need the ‘Escritura de Hipoteca’ as banks are sometimes reluctant to hand copies.
(it would be a good idea to go directly the Notario where you signed as they will have a copy)
Please take as much information to the Notario as you have to save going back IE: Passport, Driving Licence, NIE Number, A Utility Bill for the property.

2. You will need the ‘Cuadro de amortización’ Bank Statements containing both capital and interests payments, from the beginning of the mortgage.

3. Last months’ mortgage receipts.

4. If you have checked your statements and the interest rate is under 2% then it’s most likely you DO NOT have a claim.

These 4 steps will speed the process up for you immensely.

Regards SBR


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